Once your home is under contract there is a schedule of events that take place. Here’s a quick rundown of what happens next:

  1. Accepted contract by both Seller & Buyer
  2. Hopefully as a seller you have tentatively set up your moving plan, now schedule movers and acquire any help you need with packing and your move.
  3. Inspection contingency dates addressing when the inspection must be completed and when both seller and buyer need to agree on the inspection items.
  4. The appraisal gets ordered once the inspection contingency is agreed upon. It can take up to two to three weeks for an appraiser to walk thru the property and gather the necessary information to draft the appraisal and submit it to the lender. If it is a cash sale, buyers usually waive the appraisal as it is not required and only for the lender if there is financing.
  5. Confirm day and time of closing.
  6. Call utilities to terminate service the day of closing.
  7. Clean house once everything is moved out of house.
  8. Know Buyers will do a walk through a day or two prior to closing day.
  9. Show up to closing and sign documents.
  10. Proceeds from your selling is done once the sale is of record so you may not receive the sale proceeds until the next day or following Monday if closing takes place on a Friday.