Moving very often is not easy and can be a bit stressful. Here is a checklist that may come in handy on your move in day.

  1. Utilities have been transferred into your name.
  2. Make appointments for cable/internet to get hooked up or placed in your name.
  3. Complete an address change online through the Postal Service.
  4. May have to clean a little, everyone’s idea of clean is different.
  5. File your important documents in an accessible place for future needs or questions.
  6. Change your locks, you don’t know how many people could have keys to your house. (Neighbor, family relative, dog walker) You can have the locks rekeyed or buy new locks for your home.
  7. Review where your shut off valves are for gas, water & electric.
  8. Lock out solution, do you want to hide a key outside or have a backup plan for being locked out of your home.
  9. Check your smoke detectors and replace batteries, get a fire extinguisher.
  10. If a security system applies you may need to get that transferred into your name.
  11. Create a home maintenance checklist (change furnace filters, underground sprinklers blow out in fall, clean gutters, etc).
  12. Did you purchase a home warranty, check to confirm it is in place.
  13. Celebrate with a housewarming!