Lockwood & Emerald Hills

Lockwood & Emerald Hills

Lockwood is a community located southeast of Billings along Interstate 90. It has a separate school district from the Billings school district and a newly renovated K-8 school. It is another popular area for those commuting into Billings for work. 

Here are a few highlights of the community:

Pictograph Cave: Caves that were once home to prehistoric hunters. The caves feature a number of pictographs painted by the prehistoric hunters living in the Billings area. These caves now have an interpretive center, classrooms, picnic benches, a gift shop, and exhibits with recreations of artifacts found in the caves.  

Four Dances Recreation Area: Four Dances is open year-round and is a popular area for hiking, photography and wildlife watching. 

Lion's Lair: The Lion's Lair was recently torn down due to safety concerns but the Lockwood PTA is currently accepting donations towards building the Lion's Lair 2.0.