Granite Park Subdivision

Granite Park Subdivision

Bell Ave


2016 Market Highlights

Approximately $1.5 million in real estate sold in Granite Park Subdivision in 2016.  This is down from 2015's statistics.  Only 3 homes sold, which was also down substantially from 2015.  There was a longer selling cycle which is a little difficult to determine why--with little turnover in an area it is typical to see a shorter selling cycle.  However, with so few homes that did sell, one home can be a significant factor in the average.

The average sales price was up in Granite Park, increasing by 14% from 2015.  This is a significant increase in home prices.  It could be the result of homeowners finishing additional square footage in addition to normal appreciation.

So, what should we expect in 2017?  The forecast for Billings is promising.  The National Association of Realtors determined Billings to be one of the top markets in the country.